Dylan Rieder, Camille Rowe and Brianna Lance at my book launch in June

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Inventory Magazine

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bisous natasha

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when you’re buying something and the cashier gives you change and people are waiting in line behind you and slowly moving forward and you’re trying to cram your change in your wallet and get out of the way as fast as you can that shit is horrifying and traumatic

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[walks into pet store puppy area wearing a huge coat]

[shuffles quickly out of pet store in a much tighter fitting coat]

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Or a Gay Whore ?

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Sharon Tate poses in her apartment, in London, 1965

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Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2015 RTW Collection ~ details

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I can’t stand these fucking people with these fucking family window stickers on their cars a murderer is gonna come into your fucking house and you’re gonna try to hide your kids in the fucking closet and he’s gonna be like naw bitch I saw your fucking mini van I know you have six more kids where are they

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